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Berlin, February 28, 2020. Antenne Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG is planning to start broadcasting of the first and only private nationwide DAB+ platform at the international consumer electronics fair IFA 2020 (September 4–9) in Berlin. In total, the new digital radio platform will provide capacity for up to 16 nationwide radio programs. Antenne Deutschland will use part of the transmission capacity for its own programs and offer remaining slots to interested broadcasters and content providers.

  • The first private-only nationwide DAB+ radio platform will deliver a mix of in-house and third-party programs at its commercial start in autumn 2020
  • Antenne Deutschland has commissioned National German Radio GmbH with the planning of a structured process for the international market placement of program channels
  • The platform provider aims to ensure the most attractive selection of radio programs for listeners and the radio advertising market

Willi Schreiner and Arnold Stender, the two Managing Directors of Antenne Deutschland, explain: “Our new platform will play a decisive role in the rapid further development of the German radio market. A significant offering of attractive new and innovative programmes and formats will convert additional audiences towards digital radio, thus making the DAB+ format highly attractive for advertisers. In the coming months, radio broadcasters and content providers will have the unique opportunity to enter the German radio market with programs on the only remaining frequencies for nationwide broadcasting, and to benefit from the accelerated development in the digital listener and advertising market.”

The platform operator, Antenne Deutschland has commissioned National German Radio GmbH with the market placement of the remaining program capacity for third party programming. National German Radio will unite highly experienced and creative forces in the German radio market with our own expertise, to the benefit of radio program providers and listeners. To this end, National German Radio is planning an international call for interest in order to structure the demand in Germany and abroad in an efficient and transparent process. The company will be publishing detailed information on this process next Monday (March 2nd, 2020). Antenne Deutschland’s goal is to create a bespoke, highly convincing and fascinating program package that will have a significant impact on the German listener and advertising market. Antenne Deutschland plans to decide on the capacity allocations in the summer of 2020. The new platform DAB+ platform will provide coverage to over 80% of the population from launch. Further network extension is planned.

About Antenne Deutschland

Antenne Deutschland GmbH & Co KG is a joint company owned by Absolut Digital GmbH & Co. KG and Media Broadcast GmbH. The company was awarded license to organize and broadcast the first private nationwide DAB+ radio platform.

About DAB+

DAB+ is already established and receivable throughout Germany. All urban centers and densely populated areas and practically all highways (Autobahn) are completely covered. The German market for DAB+ radio receivers sees high growth figures – year-on-year the number of households in Germany with DAB+ radios increased by 34%. From the end of 2020, all new vehicles in the EU must be equipped with DAB+ radio systems, providing a strong political boost for the digitalisation of terrestrial radio. A similar obligation for stationary radio devices with displays will follow.

The licences for national programs on the first (public and private) have recently been extended by 10 years to 2031, and the allocation of transmission capacity for DAB+ by the federal states has been extended to 2035. The ten-year licence term for the Antenne Deutschland private national DAB+ platform starts with the its commercial launch in Autumn 2020 with the option of an additional ten-year extension.

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